Our Values

We are Vegan Friendly product. We do not use animal related products such as bees wax and lanolin.

No animal testing. Only tested by Singapore Pomade Enthusiasts.

Our reviews are authentic from Pomade Enthusiasts who have many years of experience in using hair styling products from all over the world. Be part of Singapore Pomade Enthusiasts Telegram group to find out more (https://t.me/pomadesg). Distinct individuals from SGPomades, SoSlick, Slick & Style, Heavy Metal Pomp and Five Minutes Pomp are part of the group.
Products are formulated in Singapore and our Tropics Matte Clay are specially Made in Singapore, homebrewed and crafted to Standards Beyond Perfection.

We are a Singapore brand. In Singapore, there is a common word in Hokkien dialect called "Kiasu", which translate to "afraid to lose". So as a country, we always strive to be the best (number 1) and we live by this principle. So every product we created have to be made from the best ingredients and is able to deliver the best performance. Down to the very essence of our logo, branding and label design, it simply have to be the best. Second to none. If it's not good, we won't sell it.