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A perfect place for The Modern Gentlemen to tailor a suit and style up with our pomade.

55 South Bridge Rd, #02-01
Singapore 056868

Singapore No. 1 Premium Grade Hair wax/pomade shop
Founded in 2014, Esluxe aims to be the one stop station for men's luxury grooming in Singapore. We only take in premium brands from around the world. We want to provide exclusively high quality hair products with affordable prices to customers.

A rule of thumb: You get what you pay for, if you use cheaper hair products they are going to have chemicals that are very damaging to your hair. Spend a little extra on higher quality products. Trust us, your hair will thank you for it.
Hombre Barberblade
Hombre Barberblade is a new wave barbershop that brings classic and contemporary approach to barbering.
Our commitment, is to provide exquisite service, pleasant experience and a warm atmosphere. It is important to us that every man leaves our barbershop feeling great!
Perfect to get a Gentleman's haircut and styled with Gerson & Co. Original Pomade. Great for your majestic pompadour hairstyle, leaving you looking good and sleek throughout the day!
228 Changi Rd, #01-04, Singapore 419741
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