Why Choose Us?

    You deserve products that are much stronger than common retail clays and waxes. Yet smooth to apply able to wash off easily with water leaving your hair residue-free, nourished and conditioned. You don't need a hair spray with our products.

    You deserve the best ingredients to provide the strongest hold yet giving your hair a treatment the whole time. Ingredients such as...
      Kaolin Clay: Stimulates blood circulation within scalp to promote hair growth. Its gentle cleansing properties strengthens hair and repairs hair damage while improving hair elasticity.
      Candelilla Wax: Provides hold to the hair for styling. This wax also creates a barrier that prevents moisture loss from the hair and scalp.
      Carnauba Wax: Provides hold to the hair for styling. This wax creates a protective layer on the hair while providing shine and luster to the hair.
      Avocado Oil: It is an oil that is rich in antioxidants, biotin and various vitamins such as vitamins A, B-5, E and etc. This oil is used to nourish the hair and promote healthy hair.
      Jojoba Oil: A liquid wax ester which moisturises and conditions the hair. It is rich in various vitamins and minerals that nourishes the hair.
      Castor Oil: Famously known to promote hair growth when applied to the scalp. It is rich in ricinoleic acid which is a type of fatty acid found to fight inflammation.

      We are Vegan Friendly product. We do not use animal related products such as bees wax and lanolin.

      No animal testing. Only tested by Singapore Pomade Enthusiasts.

      We do not engage social media influencers (or wannabes) to review our products. Our reviews are authentic from Pomade Enthusiasts who have many years of experience in using hair styling products from all over the world. Be part of Singapore Pomade Enthusiasts Telegram group to find out more (https://t.me/pomadesg). Distinct individuals from SGPomades, SoSlick, Slick & Style, Heavy Metal Pomp and Five Minutes Pomp are part of the group.
      Products are formulated in Singapore and our Tropics Matte Clay are specially Made in Singapore, homebrewed and crafted to Standards Beyond Prefection.

      We are a Singapore brand. In Singapore, there is a common word in Hokkien dialect called "Kiasu", which translate to "afraid to lose". So as a country, we always strive to be the best (number 1) and we live by this principle. So every product we created have to be made from the best ingredients and is able to deliver the best performance. Down to the very essence of our logo, branding and label design, it simply have to be the best. Second to none. If it's not good, we won't sell it.