Recent Testimonials

I have decided to leave a review here because my hair maintained in shape after waking up from a drunk night.


No regrets buying this pomade. I would say this is a premium grade product and reasonably priced to reflect its quality.

C. Ong

Market is saturated with similar pomades. But I would say this is an exception. The feeling of the product on your hair, the hold and smell is totally different from what is out there.

It's very original. Hard to explain until you have tried it out.

Andrew L

I have been using hair products for many years and have tried a variety of pomades from different brands all over the world. This has got to be my favourite so far! Strong hold and lovely scent. So lucky to be one of the first to try this. 4 stars because I wish it came in a bigger bottle! Mine is running out soon. Looks like I need to place another order already!

Derrick Lim

Totally love the smell of it! This is the first pomade which I can style within 5 mins and it stays in style the whole day. Best pomade ever bought.

Abel Loh

Easy to style, doesn't harden and holds the pomp like a boss! Gonna use this everyday.


Tried both samples. I would totally buy both Pomades once it's out in store!

Ted, 21

Matte Pomade is surprisingly easy to apply compared to products of the same range. It has a great balance between strong hold and styling ease.

Nicholas, 32

Been using the samples of the Original Pomade, as I haven't found a better one out there.

Benson Wong, 22