Our Story


Gerson & Co

For A True Gent (With Great Hair!)

Our Story

Perhaps you’ve always looked for the perfect pomade, trying an abundance of different brands only to be disappointed every time you tease your hair into place?  The consistency just didn’t feel right!  Too much shine, too little shine, overly fragranced, underly fragranced, the wrong texture and stickiness, or your hair looked great – it had hold but within a couple of hours the humid weather caused it to revert back to its natural state!  We understand.  We felt exactly the same as you.  We wanted hair we could be proud of, all day, every day and frankly, after spending inordinate sums of money again and again on sub-standard products, we decided that we should just create our own pomade.  And that’s where Gerson & Co was born.

So we started our own journey, to find the very best possible men’s hair product that worked for every man, no matter his age or his style.  We wanted something timeless, yet modern but most of all, we wanted something that delivered:

  • Superb hold.
  • Excellent consistency.
  • Just the right texture.
  • A masculine fragrance that wasn’t too strong.
  • Pomade for all hair styles and all hair types.
  • Easy to wash out – without that nasty residue you get from other products!
  • Something, for every man, everywhere.

It was a tall order, and we spent many months involved in meticulous hair experiments until we got there with our own professional, top-quality hair product that ticked all of our boxes, we’re sure it will tick yours too.

Gerson & Co is not the typical off-the-shelf hair pomade you grab at the supermarket. It’s luxurious, it’s premium quality, it’s kind of an unorthodox hair clay and you’ll wonder how you lived without it. We invite you to try Gerson & Co - prepare to be amazed!


Gerson & Co is For You

Gerson & Co is for today’s man.  We know you want to look good, and more importantly feel comfortable in your own skin.  We also know that you’re open to trying new things especially if they align with your values – we’re pretty sure that Gerson & Co will be the grooming partner you’ve been looking for!


The Brand

Going forward, we want to introduce more masculine grooming products that honour your own individuality and allow you to express your style by bringing out the very best in your good looks.  We’re also sticklers for quality.  We know you expect the best from us and that’s what we deliver, so welcome to the club, we’re delighted to have you on-board!