12:12 Sale from now till 15 Dec 2019!

12:12 Sale from now till 15 Dec 2019!

We are having a promotion on 12:12! Give your hair a treat with one of the best Clays and Pomades in the world. Strong hold, high endurance, volume and most importantly easy wash-out! Leaving your hair healthy and nourished!


Tropics Matte Clay is a homebrew product that is made to offer a long-lasting hold through the day. Great for extreme styling and retaining the natural appearance of your hair. Giving you a perfectly styled hair for any occasion. Suitable for all hair types.

  • Water Soluble
  • Strong Hold
  • Easy Application
  • Matte Finish
  • High Volume
  • Restyleable
  • Easy Wash-out
  • Luxurious Scent (subjected to seasonal changes)


Original Pomade is formulated in Singapore.

The No. 1 Premium Water Based Pomade made for all weather!

Whether you are closing a business deal, meeting your love one or hanging out with your buddies, your look matters. Leave that to Gerson & Co. and focus on your moment.

Strong Hold
Stays exactly how you style it whole day without any touch-up!

Excellent Control
Tames and gives you 100% control over your hair during styling!

Smooth Application
No tugging. Lose zero strands during styling!

Reduced Shine
Shine fades away within minutes!

Water Soluble
Washes off 100% with water and keeps your hair conditioned!

Luxurious Vanilla Wood Scent
A scent that gives you your confidence!

Suitable for all Hair Types
We tried many products and we find that this is the best pomade for thin hair.

Giving you a full luxury styling experience.
A must have for every men!

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