8 gifts for your men that they’ll actually appreciate

8 gifts for your men that they’ll actually appreciate

Let’s forget mugs and bowties and cufflinks for men this holiday season and get a little creative with our gifts for once. Buying gifts for men isn’t an easy task because unlike women, men don’t typically appreciate receiving a silk scarf or a bottle of perfume that they are never going to use. So here are 8 gifts for men that are not only cool and unique, they might make men go “wow never knew I needed this”.


Carbon fibre beard trimmer and shaver

Carbon fibre beard trimmer and shaverGilettes are so yesterday. Bid good morning to your new bathroom companion: a sleek carbon fibre beard trimmer and shaver that not only gets the job done, it comes in a design that any men can appreciate: sleek, simple and still manly. This trimmer and shaver set offers fool-proof grooming with long-lasting, precision-steel blades and four clipper attachments to get just the right length. No more fumbling around with clumsy shavers or discovering your shaver is out of battery. With this cordless shaver that comes with a charging unit, it’s ready to tackle your hairy situation any time of the day.


Home brew journal

While it’s natural for a woman to pick up an online or offline recipe book or two to satisfy our inner chefs, it’s unnatural for men to do the same. What’s natural, however, is for them to pick up home brewing because name us a man who doesn’t like a nice glass of beer. For any home brewing operation worth its wort, the devil's in the details. T rack your recipes, fermentation facts, and results in style with this custom home brewing journal. This journal also includes engaging infographics, handy tables, and systematically structured log pages to guide your ambitious pursuits. It’s time to get your apron on, men, and make something you’re truly passionate about.



What’s worse than no beer? A warm beer. The horror of drinking warm beer is frightening to men and honestly…to most of us in general. Well, the Chillsner will make sure that never happens to you. Simply store the chiller in your freezer for at least 90 minutes, then when you're ready to have a drink, take a swing and insert one into your bottle. The Chillsner's ingenious design allows you to drink and chill simultaneously, so your beer, soda, or juice will stay crisp and delicious to the final sip, safe from the warm weather in Singapore.


Sandqvist Tyko leather zip wallet

If there’s one thing we know about men, it is that they absolutely carrying anything bulky when they head out. Hence, we seldom see them with bags. When it comes to wallets, it’s best to keep it small, simple and only-the-essentials. Sandqvist keep it at that with a simple black wallet that takes care of all your essentials and makes sure you head out feeling light on your feet, literally.


Travel Cord Roll

This is for the men who have severe OCD or for…most men who hate tangled cords and travelling around with tangled wires haunting their bags and carry-ons. The travel cord roll is a simple but handy gift that your men will truly appreciate. No more untangling a messy handful of cords just to charge your phone. Rather, neatly tuck up to eight cords and two plugs into your stylish organizer. It's also great for stowing small knick-knacks like watches, hair clips, or other on-the-go necessities, and most importantly, keeping men’s OCD in check.


OXO Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee Maker

What else could make a man happier than a nice cuppa in the morning? The answer is nothing. The OXO Cold Brew Coffee maker evenly distributes water over coffee grounds for optimal flavour extraction. Complete with simple brew-release switch controls, a smooth, cold or hot coffee can literally with the tip of your fingers. In addition, the small countertop footprint also makes it easy to disassemble for clean-up and compact storage, making this the perfect gift for the men who need their morning cuppa.

RED5 Illuminator Drone

What can we say? Boys love their gadgets. Drones are all the rage now and while a drone with camera can be rather expensive, you can satisfy their needs by starting out with a simple drone for them to kill some free time off their hands. Easy to fly, the drone has a sturdy 6-axis gyro stabilisation, a 6-channel control and a headless mode that allows you to fly based on your position rather than the drone’s position. Ideal for both experienced flyers and beginners, the auto-return function allows you to bring the drone back easily. The illuminated blade guards are easy to follow even at the maximum 40m range and with the illuminated blades, you’ll never lose sight of it.


Gerson & Co. Original Pomade

Last on the least but most definitely not the least, is a pomade that your man will thank you for. Hairstyling products for men are aplenty and gifting hair products is fairly uncommon since it is very much up to an individual’s preference. However, with pomades getting increasingly popular these days as a non-sticky, easily-washable hair styling product, Gerson & Co’s Original Pomade will be a hairstyling gift made easy for you for your man. Made from natural plant extracts that helps with hair conditioning and a non-flakey formula, the original pomade promises a man any dapper, suave, sleek styled look. To top it off, the original pomade is suitable for all hair types so grab one for the men in your life and you can thank us later.

These are just 8 interesting gifts for men this holiday season but don’t take our word for it, check out reviews on them and know the right gift for the man you’re gifting. Always bear in mind that the best gift will be one that he will never hesitate to use so it’s always useful to get him an every-day-essential gift, or one that falls into his area of interest. Good luck gifting and this is the season to find joy in that!

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