Battle of the Stylers: Pomades, Gels and Waxes

Battle of the Stylers: Pomades, Gels and Waxes

Pomades, gels, clays, from strong holds to flexible holds that promise to withstand the most gruelling humidity…the choices are aplenty, but all men have probably, at some point of time in their hairstyling journey, wondered which one of them is the best for their hair. Hairstyling is getting increasingly complicated and tiresome with the saturation of products available on the market and the worst part about it is going through a million different tubs of product from a million different brands hoping you’d find the right one for your styling needs. Hang on to your follicles as we here at Gerson & Co. breaks down some key differences between waxes, clays and pomades.


The good o’ hair gel dating all the way back to ancient Egypt is renowned for its cheap prices, shiniest finishes and nostalgic scents. To say that most men have probably used hair gels as their styling product would be a fair statement due to its availability in drug and convenience stores. Most hair gels boost an extreme hold, leaving your hair feeling and looking like a sharpened piece of metal – unnaturally shiny and irreversibly hard. Gels are great if you’re looking for a cheap product that can glue your hair in place for the whole day. However, its corrosive chemicals strip away moisture from your hair, making your hair brittle and more prone to damage overtime. With all that said, gel it up for a day or two, tone it down in the long run.


Hair wax is one of the most popular commercial (not to mention economical) choices among men. This money-for-value product draws in the masses so you better believe they make up about 75% of man’s hairstyling products displayed on the shelves you frequent. Most hair wax finishes off matte, making them a great go-to product for normal to oily hair types. However, as natural as they are when it comes to scent and finish, hair wax loses out in overall hold compared to pomades and gels since most hair wax in the market carries a medium hold. Hence, they make a great go-to product for an every-day side part and, not to mention, waxes are able to give you some great volume.


The holy-grail for the sophisticated and a sworn product for some of the most common hairstyles, pomades are popular amongst men for good reasons. Pomades make the cleanest of styling when it comes to combed hair styles, creating a clean, sleek and classy look. The traditional pomades are oil-based but as consumer demands develop, so did pomades and water-based versions are widely available (and popular) in the market now. Water-based pomades are easily washed out with water and they do not flake throughout the day. Pomades work best with medium to thicker hair and they offer a great finish paired with long-lasting hold against humid weather.

These top 3 popular hair products come in a variety of prices and work well with different hair types. When it comes to hair styling, the hold matters as much as the health of your hair and our advice is to never compromise hair health for indestructible-hold. For starters, avoid gels and aim for waxes or pomades for a natural, clean look without breaking the bank.

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