Introducing Our Signature Comb

Introducing Our Signature Comb

Stop using the same old boring plastic comb, you need a comb with some teeth. Unlike other metal combs for men, our signature metal comb design is built with stronger teeth in uniform thicknesses and lengths. Wider, thicker teeth with a rounded base are perfect for detangling stubborn hairs.

No Snagging, Pulling, or Yanking: Finally, a hair comb that doesn't pull on your hair. We designed our metal comb for men to glide effortlessly through your hair with ease. Unlike a wooden/plastic comb with unrefined teeth, our metal comb with a design of uniform teeth thickness and a powder-coated finish provides a superior, pain-free, grooming experience.

The pocket comb that refuses to break. Unlike other hair combs, Gerson & Co.'s hair comb is strong enough to withstand heavy-duty use without snapping. It also features anti-static properties so no more flyaway hairs or pesky static electricity.

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