The Top 4 Essentials All Men Need

The Top 4 Essentials All Men Need

Grooming, like fashion trends and digital technology, has to evolve with the times. From picking the right hairstyling product to selecting the right clothes and accessories, men have work cut out for them in the modern day. There are a million and one essentials men should own to look a million bucks, but we’ve broken it down today to the top 4 essential things men should have in their possession – from top to toe – to help them leave the house looking dapper.

Brogue shoes

Shoe options are just as aplenty for men as they are for women; boat shoes, loafers, boots, sneakers…the list goes on. We’ve narrowed down the must-have pair for every modern man to be a pair of brogue shoes. Brogue shoes, traditionally low-heeled and named after their decorative patterns called “broguing”, used to be a type of shoe that was traditionally worn for formal events. As time passed, brogues started making their appearance together with more smart-casual outfits paired with chinos or tapered pants. This pair of shoes exude classiness and classic colours such as black or dark brow barogues make them an easy, highly-sought-after choice for any event from a men’s night-out to a business meeting.


Wearing a watch is no longer just about keeping up with the time (pun intended). A watch in modern day carries the power to help a man look sophisticated and put-together and a good watch can significantly enhance your appearance, especially if matched with the outfit you are wearing. They make for great, universal accessories that reflects a man’s basic sense of style depending on the type of watch you are going for and it has become the simplest, to-the-point accessory a man can own. As the watch market expands and the range of designs to choose from diversifies, choosing a pair of watch has also become a chance at a statement of personal style for men, and a chance for others to judge a man based on that choice.

Tailored suit

Let’s say it like it is: every man needs a tailored suit set in their life. You can only buy off-the-shelf blazers, vests and pants for so long before starting to look like a sloppy mess and as well as they might be able to fit some men, no off-the-shelf suit set will ever come close to competing with a well-tailored suit. Ready-to-wear suits are based on assumptions that men’s sizes are pretty standard across the board and let’s face it, body proportions mess with us more times than we can count. Tailors tailor the suit according to specific measurements such as armhole circumference, waist, hip, shoulder width and back width etcetera. Off-the-shelf suits might fit you comfortably, but tailored suits will fit you comfortably and beautifully, giving you an illusion of great posture and sophistication.


Now that we’ve covered clothing and shoes, it’s time for the last item that will help a man look a million bucks – a hairstyling products. While hair type and needs differs from person to person, pomades have become adept enough to suit both dry and oil scalps with traditional pomades for the former and water-based pomades for the latter. Other than being able to pile on the product to pump your hair volume up and keeping your hair sleek and in check, pomades generally keeps away frizz and fly-aways as well. Water-based pomades are also easily washed out with water and normal shampoos, making them a great option as a hair styling product.

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