We are now in Australia!

We are now in Australia!



What is the meaning of the name &One?

As well as my love for pomade, basketball is my favourite sport, I have a huge passion for it. When thinking of what to call my store, I thought it would be great if I could combine my two loves. I ended up choosing the basketball term ‘&One’ and hence, &One Pomade was born!
And one
[ænd-wʌn] • noun
"And one" is a basketball term used when an offensive player takes and makes a shot, while being fouled by a defender from the opposing team. The reason for the nickname "and one" is because even though the player was fouled, they are awarded with the two or three point they still made while also still getting one free throw.

Who am I?

&One Pomade is a small online pomade business, owned by me, Edwin! I am originally from Hong Kong but I studied University in South Australia and am now living in Adelaide. I got into pomade at the start of 2020 when I visited an amazing barber in Hong Kong who gave me a really cool haircut I instantly loved! This sparked my passion for all things hair and since then, I have been building up my pomade collection.

Why did I start &One?

When I discovered my passion for pomade, I started learning how to style my hair. However, I didn't think much about the actual hair products I was buying. This changed when I learned more about natural hair products. I've always had sensitive and dry skin (especially on my scalp) and so I realised the benefits that natural hair products could give me. I won't ever go back to non-natural hair products! When I moved back to Australia at the start of 2021, I realised that there weren't a lot of shops here that sold natural hair products, especially home brewer brands. This is what drove me to want to open my own online store as I wanted to be able to bring Australians a great range of natural grooming products! I also wanted to be able to teach others why natural hair products really are so much better for you.

Where is &One Pomade located?

&One Pomade is located in South Australia

When did the &One Pomade journey begin?

Ever since I moved back to Adelaide at the start of 2021, I had been interested in opening an online pomade shop but it wasn't until June 2021 that I put this idea into action. I then opened my online store in October 2021.
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