We are now in USA!

We are now in USA!


Integrity Shop - Launching from September 1 2020 on the site. We will be bringing in brands from outside of the US that we have grown to love. These brands have amazing products, but are sometimes hard to get because of international shipping. Not anymore! These brands have shown great integrity with their products and business models.

About Faith & Integrity:

Website: https://www.faithandintegrity.com/
IG: https://www.instagram.com/faithandintegrity/

Faith and Integrity started out in late December 2018 as a passion project. After years of collecting various homebrew pomades from some of the best brewers out there, I thought challenged myself to see if I could brew my own pomade for myself. After failure and many trials I created my very first formula. I started to pass it around to friends and other pomade enthusiast and heard that I might be on to something.

The name Faith and Integrity comes from a saying that my late father-in-law used to constantly say. Sadly, he passed away a few years ago after a battle with cancer. He frequently would tell people that there are only two things in life that people couldn’t take from you, your faith and your integrity. I wanted to create the brand in some what of a memory of him. Hence the 59 on our labels as it was his birth year.

Over the last year, we have grown exponentially and are now carried in several countries around the world! I have developed great relationships and community with some of the brewers as well as countless of pomade lovers all over the world.

Our journey has just begun…


Our company prides itself on quality ingredients that promote healthy hair and continued growth and shine. We work to cleverly construct the finest blend of oils and waxes to deeply stun and satisfy.

Our Guarantee

  • Easy breakdown
  • Easy scoop
  • Easy application  

At Faith and Integrity, we hope our passion for pomade brings you the conviction you need to step into your next adventure with renewed audacity and boldness, holding to Faith and walking with Integrity.

In order to maintain the integrity of our product, all our pomades are made in small batches to ensure satisfaction.

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