Fantastic Review of our Tropics Matte Clay by Our Local Reviewer!

Fantastic Review of our Tropics Matte Clay by Our Local Reviewer!

Good endurance. Behaves like a matte paste. Strong and pliable on initial style, then relaxes into a natural plump feeling that doesn't stiffen up at all. Very nice!

Would recommend to market this as a matte paste or clay at best, as it ticks all boxes for a super perfect matte paste. Just does not feel like a clay pomade (slicker) and may be confusing to call this a clay pomade.

Perfect consistency in a clay for me - it's got good thickness in the scoop yet creamy

It's a true dry clay that applies into the hair so smoothly, with a little bit of good and promising grip, and yet still has a true matte finish

But breaking it down feels creamy, almost pasty, and pleasant

I'd describe this as closer to a creamy scooping, matte paste product that is lighter in weight than the heavier clays like Stickmore and Cavalier.

Reminded me a lot of Anarclay as well as Arcadian Matte Paste in performance, but this has higher hold than Anarclay, and lighter weight and less dry/grippy than Arcadian Matte Paste.

I would not say it's a clay pomade (though it can certainly do a clean style) but clay pomades tend to be slightly on the slicker and conditioning side, more like a pomade.

It's a fantastic clay/matte paste product!! And deserves to be sold internationally like the other Homebrew products.

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