Five Minutes Pomp’s First Ever Detailed Review on Tropics Matte Clay!

Five Minutes Pomp’s First Ever Detailed Review on Tropics Matte Clay!

It has been a busy month since the release of Tropics Matte Clay, especially with the high amount of brewing sessions and shipments to fulfill.

As most of you have known by now, I have partnered up with Gerson & Co. in creating the Tropics Matte Clay and future products. I have been learning how to brew from my good friend, Gerson (Jing De) since the middle of this year. We have been buddies for quite awhile now and occasionally I would pop by and help him out. No commissions though haha ☹

After much consideration and persuasion by him, I decided to join as a partner of Gerson & Co. Well, I got to say that I have been a dick for rejecting him since he started researching and formulating his first water-based pomade (Gerson & Co. Original Pomade) somewhere in the early 2018.

So here is my overdue review on it.

Smooth application: 5/5
One of the main issues we encountered when making a strong hold product is always the incessant tug during application. 80% of our successful prototypes usually comes with significant tugs and pulls on the hair, and reducing it was no easy feat as it sacrifices holding strength as well. Endurance, shine, volume and wash-out also comes into play, which I will touch on later.

I have noticed that most clay products in the market offering a firm/strong hold usually have tugs during application because, well, it’s either you have tug with strong hold or no tug with a weaker hold.

5/5 for smooth application is a given score as there was significantly lesser tug than other clay products with the same score.

Ease of styling: 5/5
Again, it is another perfect score. Ease of styling usually coincides with control. Creating a product with good control, not just strong hold, is another challenge we must face. My schedule is usually packed, so something that can style my hair quickly is usually what I look for in a product. Many products out there give good hold and volume but achieving the shape and style you want usually takes some effort. Especially if my hair is not blow-dried, some strong hold products just can’t give the volume and shape I want because the hair has already set into place during the drying period.

After some due research, we found a way to re-introduce just the right amount of moisture a hair needs to “reset” for optimum control regardless of whether your hair is blow-dried or not. Thus, enabling a full ease of styling experience.

Quick styling with Tropics before going for a wedding overseas.

Pomp volume: 5/5
This is straightforward - with strong hold and control, a good amount of volume is achieved.

Scent: 5/5
Enough said. Creed Aventus is the king of all fragrances. If you have yet to smell it, you should. Do note that the scent is seasonal and we plan to update it every few months. And besides, if it is not a 5/5 scent, we will not introduce it.

Touch-up: 1 time
Part of our technique to create good control is to provide optimum amount of moisture was introduced at the start of styling for control purposes. Some of you who already own the Tropics Matte Clay might realise that it becomes more matte after a while. While the “settling” takes place after styling, some fly-aways will appear. So, this is the only time I touch up my hair to stick them back into place, no issues thereafter.

Snapshot of hair styled with Tropics after cutting my top shorter.

Restyle: 0 times
We attained high endurance since our earlier prototypes, and we kept it at that level. In most products, you might find them losing a significant amount of stickiness just after 30 mins or maybe 5 hours after application.

Figuring out the perfect balance of clay, wax and oil is the key to high endurance and restyleability so that the Tropics Matte Clay can maintain its stickiness throughout the day.

Additional application: 0 times
Most of my reviews is based on 12 hours observation. Through the many tests I did, not once was there is a need for additional application. Additional application was only needed once after 20 hours because I slept through the night and needed to go out immediately thereafter.

Finger combed only with Tropics Matte Clay.

Volume after 12 hours: 5/5
This was a given because, during the days of product test, restyling at different interval during the day does not affect volume at the end of the day compared to days with no restyling.

They key to volume retention is not just maintaining stickiness but to also have very high strength to weight ratio. We must face the fact that some stickiness (strength) will be lost from restyling, dust, rain etc... Only through different trials and product testing can we then determine how much strength to weight ratio is required to retain a good volume volume after 12 hours. Hence, we had to double up this ratio, it was hard but I am glad to say that we achieved it.

Washable with water: 5/5
80% of it came out with just water. 100% with minimum shampoo even after 20 hours with additional application.

Personal Rating: 5/5
A 5/5 product. No question asked. Not a perfect 5/5 in total because what is there to improve if it is?

Earlier shots, styled using a comb with Tropics Matte Clay.

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