Perfect ratings by Five Minutes Pomp for Original Pomade!

Our Original Pomade received perfect 5/5 in all Five Minutes Pomp rating categories!

"Gerson & Co. Original Pomade! It's so good my sunglasses fell off! A perfect 5/5 for all my ratings. Perfect low shine water based pomade that keeps your hair 99% in shape the whole day! In addition, it doesn't feel uncomfortably frozen like most water based pomade! A total easy and comfortable 12 hours experience from styling until wash-out!"

Gerson & Co. Original Pomade
Smooth application: 5/5
Ease of styling: 5/5
Pomp volume: 5/5
Scent: 5/5

Throughout the day:
Touch-up: 0 times
Restyle: 0 times
Additional application: 0 times
Volume after 12 hours: 5/5
Washable with water: 5/5

Personal Rating: 5/5

Personal Rating Definition:
5/5 I would use everyday
4/5 second option for my everyday use
3/5 shelf-warmer product
2/5 not worth your money
1/5 do not use this product

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