5/5 Review by Justus Ong for Tropics Matte Clay!

Consistency: resembles a matte paste. requires the tiniest bit of pressure to scoop out.

Application: i was very pleased with this aspect, as there was almost no tug and pull. of course there was some resistance that usually comes with a strong hold product, but it's totally acceptable and nothing to worry about.

Styling: very easy. with the resistance that came with the application, styling was pretty quick and my hair was done in no time.

Texture: more on the finer side.

Endurance: stellar. no need for restyling and even if your hair moved out of place, you could push it back into place easily.

Washability: one good shampoo wash did the trick.

Final verdict: no reason not to give it a perfect 5/5. get it asap.

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