We are now featured on YouTube by The Pomp (USA)


"Conclusion: Initially I thought it’d be like Layrite or Suavecito, or another gel pomade kinda thing. Gerson and Co. Original Pomade however, differed in that it wasn’t just a gel pomade. Yes, it had characteristics of one, but it also allowed for more flexibility by not completely drying out. Not that this is a guarantee in hot and humid climates, but I had a good experience with using it at the gym / jacuzzi where temperatures can get hot and sweat / steam is present in the air. Strays developed from contact with my hands, but that was easily fixed with a reapplication of water. I enjoy the scent and I enjoy the hold I got from the product. Since I was so use to using more flexible products like clays, this was a nice touch for when I need something slicker, and still want that flexibility."

Check out their written review for more details!


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