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Gerson & Co.

Original Pomade

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Formulated and Branded in Singapore.

The No. 1 Premium Water Based Pomade made for all weather!

Whether you are closing a business deal, meeting your love one or hanging out with your buddies, your look matters. Leave that to Gerson & Co. and focus on your moment.

Strong Hold
Stays exactly how you style it whole day without any touch-up!

Excellent Control
Tames and gives you 100% control over your hair during styling!

Smooth Application
No tugging. Lose zero strands during styling!

Reduced Shine
Shine fades away within minutes!

Water Soluble
Washes off 100% with water and keeps your hair conditioned!

Luxurious Vanilla Wood Scent
A scent that gives you your confidence!

Suitable for all Hair Types
We tried many products and we find that this is the best pomade for thin hair.

Giving you a full luxury styling experience.
A must have for every men!

    At Gerson & Co., we believe in delivering quality products. Countless hours and various ingredients were tested before we came up with the perfect pomade. Strict hygiene measures and processes are also observed during production so that every customer receives the same quality product and thus, bringing you a product fit for the modern gentleman.

    Use Gerson & Co. Original Pomade for your majestic pompadour look.


    International Reviewers by Real Pomade Enthusiasts (not influencers)

    The Pomp
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    Slick & Style

    Final Verdict: 4.5/5
    I must say this is my favourite waterbased gel pomade right now. Having used suavecito pomade and uppercut pomade, this really cuts above and is able to hold its own.

    If you are looking to do slickbacks and a nicely done pomp, I would highly recommend this product.

    I was never a fan of using oil based or products with high shine, but I found myself using this more often than not recently.

    The pricing is affordable and they also offer free shipping for you folks living anywhere in the world! Get on this boys!

    I will definitely be looking forward to more products from Gerson & Co. and you should too.

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    Gerson & Co. Original Pomade! It's so good my sunglasses fell off! A perfect 5/5 for all my ratings. Perfect low shine water based pomade that keeps your hair 99% in shape the whole day! In addition, it doesn't feel uncomfortably frozen like most water based pomade! A total easy and comfortable 12 hours experience from styling until wash-out!

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    Water(Aqua), Ceteareth-25, Sodium Cocoamphoacetate, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Essence, Coumarin, Peg-8 Dimethicone, Phenoxethanol, Methylparaben, Tetrasodium EDTA, Caramel.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 119 reviews
    Abel T
    Best pomade ever bought


    Great as a gift!

    Bought this for my bae and he is a pomade junkie. He tried and totally loves it. He was wondering where I found this pomade hehe! He's been using it everyday since!

    Great hold

    Great hold and can withstand humidity and running, yet washes off easily.

    M. Aslam
    Highly Recommended

    Great holding power and washes off easily with water,

    Derrick Sim

    I have been using hair products for many years and have tried a variety of pomades from different brands all over the world. This has got to be my favourite so far! Strong hold and lovely scent. So lucky to be one of the first to try this. 4 stars because I wish it came in a bigger bottle! Mine is running out soon. Looks like I need to place another order already!